Alexandre B A Villares

selected work

versão em português

2850 Triangle Interpolations v3 (2019)

“A visual arts work in the domain of new media, it can also be described as an algorithmic work. It was executed in the context of exploring graphically combinatorics of elements using code. It also reflects the author’s concerns about knowledge sharing, licensing of cultural artifacts, use of free tools, access to source code and demystification of algorithmic procedures.”

s328 series, 2018—2020

a328_2020 (photographic print)

s328 + S (simplified variation for pen plotter )

desenho(), 2019

gif animado com amostras da publicação

Something between zine, folder and poster, every copy is unique.

Acknoledgments and more information at](

sketch 190514c, 2019

Risograph poster 190414c

sketch-a-day project, 2018—ongoing

2018 2019 2020 2021

An artistic experiment that began in January 2018, publishing daily sketches, visual ideas expressed with code at

Lousa mágica e Lousa paramétrica, 2017—2018

frame de vídeo da lousa mágica

Video by João Adriano Freitas

Código e instruções de montagem em

Amostra dos desenhos produzidos pelo público (principalmente crianças).

Matriz 8x8 animada com Arduino, 2016

Implementing a curated set of rules for Wolfram’ s Celular Automata in a LED matrix.

In colaboration with Tiago Queiroz for colective exhibition Zonas de compensação 3.0, 5 to 21 Oct, 2016 at the galery of the Unesp Arts Instutute (IA-Unesp), São Paulo.

Code repository: WolframCellularAutomataArduino.