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Extended table of Hosts, Platforms & Languages


An earlier version of this table was published as: VILLARES, A. B. A., & MOREIRA, D. (2017). Python on the Landscape of Programming Tools for Design and Architectural Education. Presented at the SIGRADI 2017, Concepcíon, Chile.

Processing + Python tools table

Name Processing features based on (& Python version) Python standard library libraries ecosystem main features main limitations
Processing Python Mode Processing Java Jython (Python 2) complete Java & Processing Java available inside Processing IDE, very Processing compatible no web deployment, no modern Python libs
p5py a new inplementation (incomplete) Python 3 complete Python only truly Python compatible no web deployment, still incomplete
pyp5js (transcrypt mode) p5.js Transcrypt (Python 3) incomplete JavaScript & p5.js web ready sketches, very p5js compatible and nice browser editor JS libraries only, p5.js features only (compared to Processing Java/Python modes)
pyp5js (pyodide mode) p5.js Pyodide (Python 3) complete Python, JavaScript & p5.js web ready sketches! very p5.js compatible & very Python compatible Experimental, p5.js features only (compared to Processing Java/Python modes)
SkulptIDE and ProcessingJS Skulpt (Python 2, going to 3 now) partial unknown, possibly JavaScript very nice web IDE, browser based sketches ProcessingJS is defunct; not extensible
BrythonIDE and p5.js Brython (Python 3) fairly complete JavaScript & p5.js browser IDE, browser based sketches & very p5.js compatible p5.js features only (compared to Processing Java/Python modes)

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