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An earlier version of this table was published as: VILLARES, A. B. A., & MOREIRA, D. (2017). Python on the Landscape of Programming Tools for Design and Architectural Education. Presented at the SIGRADI 2017, Concepcíon, Chile.

Extended table of Hosts, Platforms & Languages


Processing + Python tools table

Name Processing features based on (& Python version) Python standard library libraries ecosystem main features main limitations
Processing Python Mode Processing Java Jython (Python 2) complete Java & Processing Java available inside Processing IDE, very Processing compatible no web sharing/deployment, no modern Python libs
p5py a new inplementation (incomplete) Python 3 complete Python only truly Python compatible New names (for those used to Processing), experimental, still incomplete, no access to Processing Java libraries
pyp5js✱ (pyodide or transcrypt mode) p5.js Python 3 via Pyodide or Transcrypt complete Python, JavaScript & p5.js web ready sketches & editor, very p5.js compatible & pyodide makes it very Python compatible Experimental, still incomplete, p5.js features (as opposed to Processing Java/Python modes)
SkulptIDE and ProcessingJS Skulpt (Python 2, going to 3 now) partial unknown, possibly JavaScript very nice web IDE, browser based sketches ProcessingJS is defunct; not extensible
BrythonIDE and p5.js Brython (Python 3) fairly complete JavaScript & p5.js browser IDE, browser based sketches & very p5.js compatible p5.js features (as opposed to Processing Java/Python modes)
py5 Processing Java 4 via JPype Python 3 complete Python & Java* truly Python 3 compatible for libraries, can be used on Jupyter notebooks, same core capabilities as Processing Java New names (for those used to Processing), experimental, maybe some Processing Java libraries might not work

these are the ones I’m using most!

More FLOSS + Python options to explore


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